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Magic Kalimbaā„¢


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Unleash the musician in you and compose your own masterpieces with this African originated Thumb piano, also known asĀ Kalimba.

Made ofĀ Natural Mahogany WoodĀ andĀ High-Grade Metal Tines, this magical music box produces the international standard C tune when played.

Simply use your thumbs to pluck the tines, and enjoy the warm, soothing sound and high-quality resonance.Ā This portable thumb piano is perfect for amateurs, professionals, or for everyone that loves music.

Ā Easy To Use :Ā Simply pluck the tines to play and practice your favorites tunes. There are engraved notations on tines, making it the perfect thumb piano for beginners and children (Ā Music bookĀ include for free ! )

Ā Portable Design :Ā Now carry your personal piano wherever you go!Ā TheĀ thumbĀ piano is extremely lightweight and compact in size which makes it a great companion for traveling. It also comes with a Ā cloth bag for easy storage and carrying.

Ā AmazingĀ Sound :Ā It features 17 steel keys with and 2 vibrato holes that create a magical sound. The keys mounted on a wooden box acts as the resonating chamber can be adjusted by tapping them in or out to adjust their pitch.

Ā Exquisite Craftsmanship :Ā This thumb piano is made of the natural mahogany box and premium quality metal tines and delivers clear crisp sound and tones. Its bending key design ensures your comfort even after hours of practice.

Included in the pack :

  • Magicā„¢ Kalimba
  • Kalimba Pocket
  • Learning Book
  • Packing case
  • Tuning Hammer (Ā  Ā Only offered today )
  • Cleaning FabricĀ Ā ( Ā Only offered today )
  • Tune & Color StickerĀ Ā ( Ā Only offered today )