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Achieve your slimming goal passively

Enjoy our natural slimming treatments with our Fit Tea Packs ! These packs are specially designed to burn excess fat in 1, 2 or 3 months and will help you slim down and soothe you with the many natural benefits that make up these life-saving teas. Finally reach your slimming goal in a completely passive way!

 Rapid fat burner

 Slows down the body's fat production.

 Effective appetite reducer

Why drink Detox Fit Tea?

Because our body accumulates a lot of waste and toxins on a daily basis, it is important to detoxify from time to time in order to improve our metabolism. In addition, detoxifying the body also helps to better regulate transit and provides a better elimination of stubborn fats.

A quality slimming tea!

The plants are selected by a Pharmacy Doctor specialized in phytotherapy and we regularly control our suppliers. Analyses are carried out on all our green tea blends to ensure that they are not contaminated by pesticides ( more than 10000 tested ! ) and to ensure their anti-oxidant properties. In addition, our herbs are gently dried up to a maximum of 40°C for a safe maintenance of nutrients.

 Quality composition: Oolong tea mixed with high quality ingredients such as Moringa leaves, cassia seeds or lotus flower extracts which all have specific virtues and beneficial for the body. No particular contra-indication

 Use :Take one sachet after each of your lunch or dinner meals for the duration of the chosen treatment.

  Anti-stress and soothing virtues

  Anti-bloating / Promotes transit

  Life-saving detoxification of the organism

99% of  customers satisfied with their treatment

*50% discount valid until 25/05/2021