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Capsule™ Wireless Earbuds


 4 Replacement Capsule™ ear cap offered today

Cutting-edge technology in personal sound

In the same way as our first model, the Capsule ™, Bluetooth earphones have been designed to provide an unbeatable listening experience and unparalleled ease of use.

The new version of Capsule ™ completely out-performs all current wireless headphones with an extra-long battery life, premium materials, maximum comfort during prolonged use and the addition of a multitude of innovative features. Capsule ™ will take your listening to the next level by offering you a listening experience beyond all expectations.

 Voice assistant

 Smart Touch control via fingerprints

Instant pairing with any Bluetooth device

Stereo sound with incredible precision

This new dynamic stereo headphone technology incorporates proprietary 10mm large aperture drivers and an A2DP profile to produce incredible, uninterrupted sound quality with the deepest bass and crystal-clear highs.

High precision Hi-Fi Stereo sound

 Optimal reduction of exterior noises

Stable and uninterrupted Bluetooth 5 connection


A powerful battery and fast charging

20 minutes of charging provides 5 to 6 hours of non-stop use. With the high-end charging case you can charge both earbuds simultaneously at an impressive speed, thanks to the improved lithium polymer battery. The Capsule ™ case also works as a power bank to charge your USB devices such as your phone or tablet.

Long battery life

ULTRA Fast Capsule ™ Charging System

LED digital battery level display

Ultimate user comfort and optimum safety

The smart design of the Capsule ™ Bluetooth earphones ensure a perfect fit for most people's ears. The lightness of its materials ensures that the headphones are comfortable and perform with impressive reliability, regardless of your activity.

Maximum comfort even during long sessions

Suitable for all ears

 Optimum grip for all activities

Unmatched manufacturing quality

With the help of a multitude of specialist engineers, we took the design of the new version of Capsule ™ to a whole new level. Version 2 of Capsule ™ is therefore waterproof, sweatproof, dustproof and extremely resistant to impacts from heights of up to 10 meters. Take advantage of impressive and unprecedented Bluetooth headphone technology, all with a modern and elegant design.

Unique and modern design

Waterproof and anti-perspiration

Resistant to the most violent shocks

Packing list

  • 2 * Capsule™ Earbuds L/R
  • 1 * Capsule™ charging compartment 
  • 1 * Fast charging USB cable
  •  4 * Capsule™ ear cap ( different sizes + offered only today )
  • 1 * Instructions